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What the @*!! is Catra-Dohtem, Inc.?!

Catra-Dohtem, Inc. is a production company located somewhere in Cleveland, Ohio. For over a decade, CDI (and its head honcho Greg Method, who rules tyrannically over the staff of up to three or four!) has worked on slews of private productions, actual commercial productions, while Greg has been writing and drawing a published comic strip entitled My-Life.

Catra-Dohtem, Inc. is broken up into two main categories: Catra Enterprizes, which handles live action work, and Dohtem Arts, which comprises of the comic strip My-Life, but also handles web and graphic design. Confused? Good.

Okay, but what the @*!! is!

Remove your hard hats! is open and kicking virtual arse! Originally designed as a simple soapbox to brag and ramble on and on about CDI's past, present, future, and imaginary (don't ask) productions such as The Gama News Team, The José Trio, and Kids-Fun, over time has become an online hub joining humor, art, commentary, and pop culture and blending it all together. From biting political satire to original online productions, there's something for everybody at!

Whoopie. Why am I here?!

Who knows, but if you wanna explore the world of CDI (and who wouldn't??), then just click on the buttons below!

Updated 4/29/12!

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The Bush empire is finally over!
FINAL column now up! The Bush empire is finally over!

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